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ibtedaband’s commitment to musical excellence is evident in their meticulously crafted compositions and arrangements. Their songs are a reflection of their collective creativity and individual artistry, with lyrics that touch upon a wide range of emotions and experiences.

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About Us

ibtedaband is an incredibly talented and passionate professional music band that is dedicated to creating a captivating musical experience. With their exceptional musical skills and unique blend of genres, Ibtedaband has been mesmerizing audiences worldwide.

Formed by a group of highly skilled musicians, Ibtedaband brings together a diverse range of musical influences, including rock, jazz, pop, and fusion. Their seamless fusion of these genres results in a distinct sound that sets them apart from the crowd.

Known for their electrifying live performances, Ibtedaband knows how to captivate an audience with their dynamic stage presence and infectious energy. Each member of the band is a virtuoso on their respective instrument, effortlessly weaving together intricate melodies and rhythms to create a sonic tapestry that resonates with the soul.

Our Team

Anubhav (Drummer)
Rahul Pillai
(Singer & Lead Guitarist )
Abhishek Massey (keyboard player )

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